Operations Guide-All African Airways


The A320 is widely recognized, and most successful of all Airbus planes, first in the Fly-by Wire concepts, it share commonality with others planes in the Family.

Techical Information

Active in fleet 3 Seating capacity 157 (3 Class)
Height 12m Weight 73.5t
Length 37.57m Cruising speed 844 km/h (M 0.80)
Wingspan 34.10m Range 3,200 km (7,200 NM)
Engines 2x IAE V2500       /   Neo: 2x Pratt&Whitney PW1133G

Aircraft in fleet

Registration Maiden Name
A20N / TU-MAS Fish River Canyon
A20N / TU-MAK Rhumsiki Rock
A20N / 6V-MAV Lake Malawi
A320_neo_closeup A330_in_flight A330_behind