The All African Airways Brand Identity

The All African Airways Brand Identity

The visual identity of All African Airways has been designed to project openness and strength, to engage pilots and guests alike to be part of the ultimate flying experience.

The visual look of our brand has been refreshed with bright colours of green, teal, and a rich black, which truly symbolizes the African continent.

We're confident that our Brand identity allows us to be recognized among one of the virtual airlines that truly places its members at the core of its business.

Our company name, "All African", is the primary proposition of our identity. It aims to unite the whole continent under one name.

Our Brand Strategy

Our strategy is built upon the assumption that All African Airways is a valued Virtual Airline, where everything is done to put the pilots at the very core of the company policy and proposition.

All African Airways stands for seriousness, based on deep-rooted values of experience, thoughtfulness, and warm behavior in responsible ways towards everyone who embraces diversity and collaboration. In other words, a true and proud African spirit.

Our Heritage

There are very few Virtual Airlines that can boast with the same proud heritage of All African Airways, which was initially known as UNITED AFRICAN, when established in September 2001. From the early days of its inception, until recent times, it continually grew its reputation of professionalism and quality.

The Secretary bird (in our logo identifier) evolved from our earlier corporate identity, and was recently re-designed to be sleeker, and looking into the future with proudness, strength and confidence.

Click here for a comprehensive look into our heritage, which is available in the About us section of our website.

Our Corporate Identity Application

The All African Airways Corporate Identity operates in the following two environments:

Brand Prefix Brand Prefix

Our Corporate Identity: The Logo type and the Secretary bird logo both represent our Corporate Identity and our Brand prefix. This is a formal representation of our business, which unites all relationships with our fellow members and guests.

Our Brand Prefix: The Brand prefix projects rationality though all our processes, and allows us to clearly communicate our company image in our business signature.

The individual components contained within our Corporate identity toolkit provide combined details of a unique approach, which clearly defines what All African Airways stands for.

Logo Type

The logo type remains a constant link between the corporate identity and the new brand "prefix" presentation. The weight and letterspacing should never by altered in any way, and must always be used in conjunction with the airline logo.

Secretary Bird Logo

The Secretary bird, which proudly soars over the African continent, is a true representation of confidence in everything we do. Unique to Africa, the Secretary bird projects strength and resolve. It's our unique and distinctive brand identifier, and should never be rearranged, redrawn or distorted.

Typeface: Excellence in motion

Typeface Image

Our Airline type-face is open, fresh, smart, and is called 'Excellence in motion'.

It hasn't been specifically created for All African Airways, but it perfectly suits our company identity, which is that of a Virtual Airline which is always in motion, innovative, and at the forefront of events


Background1 Background2

The distinctive backgrounds are our main communication visual identity. The ribbed graphic surface provides a precision and streamlined feel to the visual identity.

It is intended to be used at every opportunity where it will add value to the look and feel of a communications piece.

The Colour and extended palette


The distinctive colours clearly define our image and our identity, and these colours must be used on any form, as well as in all corporate communications.

The extended colour palette acts in support of the primary palette. Colours must be used either alone, or in conjunction with some (or all) of the core brand colours.

The core colour palette (Our green, white and teal colours) must always to be used in any visual representation of the airline.

Brand Language

Our Brand values are:

  • ... Fun and entertaining, responsible, professional, warm and thoughtful.
  • ... We are friendly, open, and approachable.
  • ... We are polite, and recognize the fact that the words 'please' and 'thank you', go a very long way.
  • ... We are fair, entertaining and calm.
  • ... We aim high, but remember to always be welcoming and helpful.

Understanding our Livery and the secret behind our Aircraft Registration

All African aircraft registrations are composed as follows:

  • ... The first letter is for the Country of Registration: T for Ivory Coast.
  • ... The second letter is for the manufacturer of the aircraft: A for Airbus and B for Boeing.
  • ... The third letter indicates the aircraft engine type, for example, E: for Jet engine, P for Propeller.
  • ... The fourth letter is for the aircraft operational range: L for Long Haul, M stands for Medium Haul and R for Regional.
  • ... Only the fifth letter is freely assigned.
  • ... In others words, a Boeing 747-400 will be: T-BELK, while an Airbus A320 will be: T-AEMS
  • ... The Aircraft registered in others countries HUBs are managed differently
Branded 747