All African Airways Heritage

Our Heritage

Welcome to All African Airways, the Virtual Airline (VA) that serves the continent, and beyond.

On this page, we'll share our proud heritage with you. When you read this, you'll notice that we've been around for quite some time, so if you're looking for a functional, friendly and stable Virtual Airline, don't delay, join forces with us today!

United African Airlines

All African Airways was created from the ashes of another Virtual Airline (VA), called United African Airways, which was operating as far back as 2003.

United African Airways was operating from its Ivory Coast Hub located at Abidjan (DIAP), and was managing its operations in conjunction with the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO), CI Division. At the time, Herve, one of our current CEO's, was both the Company CEO and the IVAO Division Director.

United African Airways went from strength to strength, and soon expanded into an big, popular, and profitable virtual airline.

But due to the turmoil in the political landscape happening at the time, operations of the VA sadly diminished and soon came to a halt, as pilots and staff had to focus on more important things.

The birth of All African Airways

As the political situation improved, All African Airways was created, and, like a Fenix, it soared again with a main mission to truly embody the continent’s spirit, and to inject new life into West Africa.

In 2016, the VA broke their ties with, and ceased operations in the IVAO environment. It was a painful, yet healthy decision. All African Airways started using the FSAirlines flight tracking platform, and a huge focus was put into the VA website development.

An Alliance with Lyon Savoie Airlines

The year 2017 took All African Airways to new heights. Focus was put on growing an appeal to the outside world, and the bigger Flight Simulation environment. A CloudOne alliance with a French airline (Lyon Savoie Airlines) was born. The All African Airways logo was created in the sprit of hope, friendship and sharing, with the stars that we see in the African sky located at the equator. Eventually 5 airlines joined the alliance with code sharing, group flights, etc. This alliance is still alive and active today, despite the decision to eventually separate into two separate companies, with less flights and struggles to show profits.

Joining forces with Nationwide Virtual Airways

During February 2022, a South African based VA, Nationwide, merged with All African Airways, to create the VA that we're using to this day.

The history of Nationwide Airways

A brief history of Nationwide VA follows, according to the CEO of Nationwide, also a CEO of our current VA:

We had hubs in Southern Africa and further North in Tunisia and Algeria, flying into the Mediterranean and Europe. In 2014, Fly Africa Virtual had a name change to Sky World, as we had so many pilots, which required bases all over the Globe, including Australia. This, however, was short lived, and due to various reasons, the brand decided to break up, and Fly Safair was started in 2015.

Shortly after Safair started Fly Safair, the real world airline stopped using the Safair brand. This sparked the name change to Nationwide (NTW).

Nationwide operated successful for quite a few years, but was never as big as Fly Africa or Sky World. The CEO then decided that a merger with an African based airline with like-minded people would be good to grow the VA footprint of African based VA's, and bring more aviators together.

This led to the merge with All African Airways during February 2022.

All African Airways today

We're extremely proud of our heritage, and today, All African Airways is a beloved and popular brand, with the focus of all pilots and staff enjoying their common interest and passion for Flight simulation and aviation in general.

We're a family of friendly, helpful and like-minded enthusiats, always willing to learn and to assist our fellow flight simulation friends.