All African Airways Recurring Asked Questions

Recurring Asked Questions (RAQ's)

In this section of our website, you'll find the answers to some of the questions that we often get asked. If you have another question and you can't find the answer here (or somewhere else on our site), please feel free to reach out to us.

I'm interested in joining All African Airways, what do I need to know first?

Please click here to visit a relevant page in the About Us section, which should answer your questions. If you still have any up-front questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to one of our members.

Which aircraft am I allowed to fly?

All the aircraft that we allow within All African Airways are listed on our Fleets page, where you will find the aircraft that you may use according to your rank. Please note that certain aircraft may not be listed, please contact any of our staff members for more information.

Where can I can find airplane repaints (liveries)?

Most of our aircraft (not all) are available in our own Company livery, and may be downloaded from the flightsim.to website. Any questions regarding these paints should be sent to Herve Meledje, by means of the NewSky message system, or via Discord.

May I use a Boeing 787 as a Boeing 777 substitute?

An All African Airways Boeing 777 is available for your P3D flight simulator, but since a Boeing 777 is not yet available for MSFS 2020, we do allow you to use a Boeing 787 aircraft as a substitute for the 777, until a suitable B777 is available for MSFS 2020.

I won't be able to complete a flight for at least 30 days, what should I do?

Please discuss your intended leave of absence with your HUB Manager, so that we may flag your profile as being on leave. This will prevent your account from being marked as inactive.

Something related to the All African Airways schedules is wrong, what should I do?

You may report any scheduling errors to your HUB manager.

What if I find a flight with an error/outdated route or callsign?

You may report errors to any of our staff members.

Do I have to fly from my current position and on the scheduled time?

Negative. You may fly wherever you want, whenever you want. If you can find a scheduled flight in our schedules, you may fly it. If you cannot find a scheduled flight from your current location, you may book your flight as a Charter flight. If you'd like to fly a route from a different location than where you are at the time, you may do that.

Do I have to fly on VATSIM, IVAO or any other network?

Negative! We want to accommodate as many people as possible in the All African Airways flight simulation family. You may decide where you wish to fly, and how. We do, however, encourage all pilots to at least try one of the online networks, as this will enhance your flight simulation experience significantly. However, the choice will always be yours.

I want to operate All African Airways Long Haul flights, what do I need to do?

You need at least 50 hours of flying time for All African Airways. Once you've reached this milestone, you may contact our Chief Pilot, who will assess your skills, in order to manage the type of aircraft and flight that you will be permitted to do.

My ACARS or Flight Simulator stopped working - what should I do?

You can just restart the NewSky flight tracker, normally it will allow you to file your PIREP after the fact. However, there are some instances where software bugs may prevent you from doing this, in which case, you may have to re-do your flight.

I just rejoined, and I'd like my previous hours and pilot ID back - what should I do?

We don't assign these to already accepted members automatically, as you had an option during the registration process to retrieve old pilot ID and hours If you, however, did click yes to this, and we haven't assigned your historical information to your account, that means that we could not find any info about your previous account on our systems, and therefore we were not able to assign your old data to your new profile.

I haven't received my award yet, why not?

Awards allocation batch processes run every day at 8:00PM CET. Please be patient while the system does this. In the event that you still haven't received your award after a day or two, please contact your HUB Manager, who will assist you. Note that our award-system is currently being updated for better processes.

Why does my recent flight not reflect on my profile?

Pending flights may be queried by sending a support request message to the NewSky admin team. They will look into your specific flight details and update your profile accordingly, or provide you with details in terms of why your flight has not been accepted.

I cannot book a flight with a specific aircraft, which is in fact available at my current location. Why?

You may not have accumulated enough hours to be rated on the aircraft which you'd like to fly with. Please contact our Chief Pilot, who can look into the matter and provide you with feedback.

I would like to fly with an aircraft which is not available on the All African Airways fleet. What do I do?

Please feel free to reach out to our Fleet Manager. We try our best to accommodate all pilots and their individual preferences, and we'll gladly consider acquiring your aircraft of choice as part of our ever-expanding fleet.

What do I do if my simulator freezes or crashes mid-flight?

Regrettably this happens to all of us from time to time. Just bite the bullet and re-do your flight, once you've attempted to resolve the problem which caused the freeze. There are many resources available online which may guide you in terms of your setup, in order for your system to be more stable.

Must I do my flights in real time, or may I use time acceleration in my simulator?

We do prefer you to do your flights without any acceleration. This just increases realism for all our users.

Do you accept transfer hours from other virtual airlines?

No, regrettably we do not accept transfer hours from other virtual airlines, please refer to our All African rules and regulations, Paragraph 13.

How do I know if my flight qualified for a Crosswind landing award?

Once you've completed and closed your flight:

  • ... In NewSky, click on the REVIEW FLIGHT LOG button.
  • ... Scroll down to the bottom of the page and expand the COMPLETE FLIGHT LOG section.
  • ... Look for the LANDING entry and expand that.
  • ... Look for the WEATHER section, and note the WINDX value, this is your landing crosswind component.
  • ... Send your flight details, together with your crosswind component to our Chief Pilot to review.

Where do I get weight and balance information to properly load my aircraft?

Check this .PDF document which is available in the resource section of our website. Note that this document will open in a new browser window, to return to this page, simply close the PDF window.

I cannot get 10.0 ratings in NewSky, what should I check for?

You may use the NewSky Checklist which is available in the downloads section of our website, this will provide you with most of the things that you must always be on the lookout for in order to get those perfect ratings. Click here to go to the Downloads page.

Last updated 16 January 2024