All African Airways Before you Join

Before you join All African Airways

Welcome to All African Airways, the Virtual Airline (VA) that serves the continent, and beyond.

At All African Airways, we're always excited when we receive applications for new pilots joining our ranks, and we put a huge effort into integrating new joiners on our website, Discord and various back-end administration tools and processes.

With that in mind, it's unfortunate when we approve a new pilot application and do all the background work, only to find that the new pilot resigns from our airline without participating in any airline activities, or after a very short time.

For this reason, we respectfully request any proposed new pilot to consider the following before applying to become an All African Airways member:

  • ... Do you have a fully working Flight Simulator and are you proficient in flying at least one aircraft?
  • ... Have you already registered with the NewSky Virtual Airlines platform?
  • ... Have you successfully completed at least a few flights for the Newsky Academy (or another NewSky VA)?
  • ... Do you have a NewSky flight rating of at least 7.5?
  • ... Have you browsed through the All African Airways website, to ensure that the way we do things are aligned to your wishes and preferences?
  • ... If you have any questions about All African Airways, have you reached out to one of our members to seek answers?
  • ... If you cannot find an aircraft on our fleet which you'd prefer to fly with, have you asked one of our members about leasing such an aircraft?
  • ... If your application as an All African Airways pilot is successful, are you committed to do your bit to add value to our Virtual business?

If you're satisfied with the above, hit the Application button and join our Discord channel, we cannot wait to welcome you as a proud member of the All African Airways family!