All African Airways Scheduled Routes

All African Airways Scheduled Routes

Scheduled routes are at the very core of our Operations, as this is where we can make some serious money for our Virtual Airline. We'll be adding new routes as and when we expand, so feel free to search for a route which meets your requirements, make the booking, and enjoy the flight!

You may easily filter our routes table by entering information for the columns marked with an asterisk (*).

Flight *Departure *Destination *Time
RFK 001Johannesburg (FAOR)Durban (FALE)01:00
RFK 002Durban (FALE)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 003Johannesburg (FAOR)Cape Town (FACT)02:10
RFK 003CJohannesburg (FAOR)Cape Town (FACT)02:00
RFK 003LJohannesburg (FAOR)Cape Town (FACT)02:00
RFK 004Cape Town (FACT)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 004CCape Town (FACT)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 004LCape Town (FACT)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 005Johannesburg (FAOR)Bloemfontein (FABL)01:00
RFK 006Bloemfontein (FABL)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 007Johannesburg (FAOR)George (FAGG)02:00
RFK 008George (FAGG)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 009Johannesburg (FAOR)Port Elizabeth (FAPE)02:00
RFK 010Port Elizabeth (FAPE)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 011Johannesburg (FAOR)East London (FAEL)01:50
RFK 012East London (FAEL)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:50
RFK 013Johannesburg (FAOR)Kimberley (FAKM)01:00
RFK 014Kimberley (FAKM)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 015Cape Town (FACT)Durban (FALE)02:10
RFK 016Durban (FALE)Cape Town (FACT)02:10
RFK 017Johannesburg (FAOR)Pietermaritzburg (FAPM)01:40
RFK 018Pietermaritzburg (FAPM)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:45
RFK 019Johannesburg (FAOR)Kruger (FAKN)01:00
RFK 020Kruger (FAKN)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 021Johannesburg (FAOR)Polokwane (FAPP)01:00
RFK 022Polokwane (FAPP)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 023Johannesburg (FAOR)Sishen (FASS)02:00
RFK 024Sishen (FASS)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 025Johannesburg (FAOR)Maputo (FQMA)01:00
RFK 026Maputo (FQMA)Johannesburg (FAOR)01:00
RFK 027Johannesburg (FAOR)Gaborone (FBSK)00:45
RFK 028Gaborone (FBSK)Johannesburg (FAOR)00:45
RFK 029Johannesburg (FAOR)Mauritius (FIMP)04:30
RFK 030Mauritius (FIMP)Johannesburg (FAOR)04:30
RFK 031Lanseria (FALA)Cape Town (FACT)02:00
RFK 032Cape Town (FACT)Lanseria (FALA)02:00
RFK 033Lanseria (FALA)Durban (FALE)01:00
RFK 034Durban (FALE)Lanseria (FALA)01:00
RFK 035Johannesburg (FAOR)Harare (FVRG)02:00
RFK 036Harare (FVRG)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 037Johannesburg (FAOR)Windhoek (FYWH)02:00
RFK 038Windhoek (FYWH)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 039Johannesburg (FAOR)Victoria Falls (FVFA)02:00
RFK 040Victoria Falls (FVFA)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 041Johannesburg (FAOR)Maun (FBMN)02:00
RFK 042Maun (FBMN)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 043Johannesburg (FAOR)Beira (FQBR)02:00
RFK 045Beira (FQBR)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 046Johannesburg (FAOR)Madagascar (FMMI)03:30
RFK 047Madagascar (FMMI)Johannesburg (FAOR)03:30
RFK 048Johannesburg (FAOR)Kenneth Kaunda (FLKK)02:30
RFK 049Kenneth Kaunda (FLKK)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:30
RFK 050Johannesburg (FAOR)Luanda (FNLU)04:00
RFK 051Luanda (FNLU)Johannesburg (FAOR)04:00
RFK 052Johannesburg (FAOR)Jomo Kenyatta (HKJK)04:30
RFK 053Jomo Kenyatta (HKJK)Johannesburg (FAOR)04:30
RFK 054Parmandzi (FMCZ)Moheli (FMCI)01:00
RFK 055Moheli (FMCI)Princee Said Ibrahim (FMCH)01:00
RFK 056Princee Said Ibrahim (FMCH)Ouani (FMCV)01:00
RFK 057Ouani (FMCV)Parmandzi (FMCZ)01:00
RFK 058Parmandzi (FMCZ)Fascene (FMNN)01:00
RFK 059Fascene (FMNN)Parmandzi (FMCZ)01:00
RFK 060Johannesburg (FAOR)Cairo (HECA)08:15
RFK 061Cairo (HECA)Johannesburg (FAOR)08:25
RFK 062Johannesburg (FAOR)Dubai (OMDB)08:15
RFK 063Dubai (OMDB)Johannesburg (FAOR)08:30
RFK 064Johannesburg (FAOR)Kotoka (DGAA)06:20
RFK 065Kotoka (DGAA)Johannesburg (FAOR)06:40
RFK 066Johannesburg (FAOR)Murtala Muhammed (DNMM)06:45
RFK 067Murtala Muhammed (DNMM)Johannesburg (FAOR)06:45
RFK 068Johannesburg (FAOR)Abidjan (DIAP)06:45
RFK 069Abidjan (DIAP)Johannesburg (FAOR)06:40
RFK 070Johannesburg (FAOR)Paris (LFPG)10:30
RFK 071Paris (LFPG)Johannesburg (FAOR)11:15
RFK 072Johannesburg (FAOR)Sydney (YSSY)13:50
RFK 073Sydney (YSSY)Johannesburg (FAOR)14:45
RFK 074Johannesburg (FAOR)Amsterdam (EHAM)10:55
RFK 075Amsterdam (EHAM)Johannesburg (FAOR)10:45
RFK 076Johannesburg (FAOR)Frankfurt (EDDF)10:55
RFK 077Frankfurt (EDDF)Johannesburg (FAOR)10:45
RFK 078Johannesburg (FAOR)London (EGLL)11:45
RFK 079London (EGLL)Johannesburg (FAOR)11:00
RFK 080Johannesburg (FAOR)Buenos Aires (SAEZ)12:20
RFK 081Buenos Aires (SAEZ)Johannesburg (FAOR)11:50
RFK 082Johannesburg (FAOR)Sao Paulo (SBGR)11:00
RFK 083Sao Paulo (SBGR)Johannesburg (FAOR)10:50
RFK 084Johannesburg (FAOR)Entebbe (HUEN)04:30
RFK 085Entebbe (HUEN)Johannesburg (FAOR)04:30
RFK 086Johannesburg (FAOR)Pamandzi (FMCZ)03:30
RFK 087Pamandzi (FMCZ)Johannesburg (FAOR)03:30
RFK 088Johannesburg (FAOR)New York (KJFK)16:00
RFK 089New York (KJFK)Johannesburg (FAOR)17:00
RFK 090George (FAGG)Cape Town (FACT)01:20
RFK 091Cape Town (FACT)George (FAGG)01:20
RFK 092Port Elizabeth (FAPE)Cape Town (FACT)01:45
RFK 093Cape Town (FACT)Port Elizabeth (FAPE)01:45
RFK 094East London (FAEL)Cape Town (FACT)02:00
RFK 095Cape Town (FACT)East London (FAEL)02:00
RFK 096Bloemfontein (FABL)Cape Town (FACT)02:00
RFK 097Cape Town (FACT)Bloemfontein (FABL)02:00
RFK 098Johannesburg (FAOR)Plettenberg Bay (FAPG)03:00
RFK 099Plettenberg Bay (FAPG)Johannesburg (FAOR)03:00
RFK 100Johannesburg (FAOR)Margate (FAMG)02:00
RFK 101Margate (FAMG)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK103Plettenberg Bay (FAPG)Cape Town (FACT)01:45
RFK 104Cape Town (FACT)Plettenberg Bay (FAPG)01:45
RFK 105Johannesburg (FAOR)Ndjili (FZAA)04:30
RFK 106Ndjili (FZAA)Johannesburg (FAOR)04:30
RFK 107Johannesburg (FAOR)Richards Bay (FARB)02:00
RFK 108Richards Bay (FARB)Johannesburg (FAOR)02:00
RFK 501Casablanca (GMMN)Madrid (LEMD)02:00
RFK 502Madrid (LEMD)Casablanca (GMMN)02:00
RFK 503Casablanca (GMMN)Barcelona (LEBL)02:10
RFK 504Barcelona (LEBL)Casablanca (GMMN)02:10
RFK 505Casablanca (GMMN)Gibraltar (LXGB)01:15
RFK 506Gibraltar (LXGB)Casablanca (GMMN)01:15
RFK 507Casablanca (GMMN)Ibiza (LEIB)02:00
RFK 508Ibiza (LEIB)Casablanca (GMMN)02:00
RFK 509Casablanca (GMMN)Gran Canaria (GCLP)02:10
RFK 510Gran Canaria (GCLP)Casablanca (GMMN)02:10
RFK 511Casablanca (GMMN)Madeira (LPMA)02:00
RFK 512Madeira (LPMA)Casablanca (GMMN)02:00
RFK 513Casablanca (GMMN)Lisbon (LPPT)01:30
RFK 514Lisbon (LPPT)Casablanca (GMMN)01:30
RFK 515Casablanca (GMMN)Johannesburg (FAOR)10:00
RFK 516Johannesburg (FAOR)Casablanca (GMMN)10:00
RFK 517Casablanca (GMMN)London (EGLL)03:30
RFK 518London (EGLL)Casablanca (GMMN)03:30
RFK 519Casablanca (GMMN)Paris (LFPG)03:00
RFK 520Paris (LFPG)Casablanca (GMMN)03:00
RFK 521Casablanca (GMMN)Amsterdam (EHAM)03:00
RFK 522Amsterdam (EHAM)Casablanca (GMMN)03:00
RFK 523Casablanca (GMMN)Frankfurt (EDDF)03:00
RFK 524Frankfurt (EDDF)Casablanca (GMMN)03:00