All African Airways Pilots

All African Airways Pilots

We're proud to introduce you to the following All African Airways pilots, who make up the core of our Virtual Airline. This list is sorted by Rank, and then by First Name.

NameRank BadgeRankCountryStaff PositionsDetails
Herve MeledjeSenior Commercial CaptainSenior Commercial CaptainLatvia FlagCEO, Airline Manager, WebmasterClick here
Mark KoneSenior Commercial CaptainSenior Commercial CaptainSenegal FlagFleet Manager, Airline ManagerClick here
Abel TMSenior CaptainSenior CaptainFrance FlagAirline Manager, HR ManagerClick here
Ira TalbotSenior CaptainSenior CaptainIreland FlagNoneClick here
Nathan JbSenior CaptainSenior CaptainFrance FlagNoneClick here
Jean AgnimeFlight CaptainFlight CaptainIvory Coast FlagNoneClick here
Reginald RooseveltCaptainCaptainLiberia FlagNoneClick here
Orlando SizuluSenior Flight OfficerSenior Flight OfficerSA FlagNoneClick here