ALl African Airways Hubs

Hubs Introduction

All African Airways is planning to soon have a truly international footprint from where we will operate. We currently own and manage one operational centre, referred to as a Hub, on the African continent.

Hubs (as they're being implemented) will all have their own unique facilities, and each hub will be managed by a member of our leadership team, in their capacity as Hub Manager.

Our aircraft will also all be assigned to a specific hub, and they may be parked and serviced at any of these centres, at the discretion of our Fleet Manager.

Pilots are encouraged to, once they've completed a selection of flights with a specific aircraft, return it to one of our published hubs, where it may be parked at a reduced parking cost to our business, as well as from where they may be serviced and maintained.

We currently have only the following hub available to manage our operations, fleet and scheduled routes:

All African Airways Main Operations Centre

Location: Oliver Thambo International Airport (FAOR), Johannesburg (South Africa)

Center size: Extra Large Maintenance, Central Operations

Hub Manager: Etienne