All African Airways World Tour

Welcome to the All African Airways World tour

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All African Airways pilots are welcome and encouraged to explore the third rock from the sun, by embarking on our first long haul world tour.

This tour, which consists of 25 flight legs and which covers a total distance of 44 002 nM, must be completed with any available long haul jet.

The shortest leg is 409 nM, while the longest leg is 4 166 nM. The average distance per flight leg is 1 760 nM.

All destinations are large, International airports, fully equipped with appropriate navigation systems.

Why wait? Start flying today, and enjoy this beautiful planet which we call home.


Initial departure: Johannesburg (FAOR) Final destination: Johannesburg (FAOR)
Number of flight legs: 25 Total distance: 44 002 nM
Longest leg: 4 166 nM Shortest leg: 409 nM
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Leg Departure Arrival Distance (nM)
01 Johannesburg (FAOR) Addis Ababa (HAAB) 2197
02 Addis Ababa (HAAB) Mattala Rajapaksa (VCRI) 2523
03 Mattala Rajapaksa (VCRI) Soekarno-Hatta (WIII) 1702
04 Soekarno-Hatta (WIII) Perth (YPPH) 1636
05 Perth (YPPH) Sydney (YSSY) 1770
06 Sydney (YSSY) Auckland (NZAA) 1166
07 Auckland (NZAA) FAAA (NTAA) 2211
08 FAAA (NTAA) Honolulu (PHNL) 2385
09 Honolulu (PHNL) Narita (RJAA) 3313
10 Narita (RJAA) Anchorage (PANC) 2977
11 Anchorage (PANC) Vancouver (CYVR) 1153
12 Vancouver (CYVR) San Fransisco (KSFO) 696
13 San Fransisco (KSFO) Mexico City (MMMX) 1635
14 Mexico City (MMMX) Mariscal Sucre (SEQM) 1694
15 Mariscal Sucre (SEQM) Arturo Merino (SCEL) 2043
16 Arturo Merino (SCEL) Ezeiza Ministro Benitex (SAEZ) 615
17 Ezeiza Ministro Benitex (SAEZ) Galeao-Antonio (SBGL) 1078
18 Galeao-Antonio (SBGL) Lisbon (LPPT) 4166
19 Lisbon (LPPT) Houari Boumediene (DAAG) 599
20 Houari Boumediene (DAAG) Antalya (LTAI) 1322
21 Antalya (LTAI) Cairo (HECA) 409
22 Cairo (HECA) King Abdulaziz (OEJN) 657
23 King Abdulaziz (OEJN) Abidjan (DIAP) 2689
24 Abidjan (DIAP) Cape Town (FACT) 2680
25 Cape Town (FACT) Johannesburg (FAOR) 686

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

World Tour 1 Outline

... Use any long haul aircraft on which you're rated.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speed (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, in the correct sequence.

... Log all flight legs with NewSky.

... When you're done with all 25 legs, please contact our Events Manager, so that we can publish your award on our website. Back to our Tours Index