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Welcome to the All African Airways 'EU Schengen' tour


Pilots are invited to participate in the All African Airways 'EU Schengen' European tour, by completing the following 27 flight legs in sequential order, with any medium or long haul aircraft available on our fleet.

The Schengen Area, named after the village in Luxembourg where the agreement was signed in 1985, is a zone of 27 European countries that have officially abolished passport and many other types of border control at their mutual borders. This freedom of movement applies to all citizens of those countries, as well as to non-EU citizens who are legally resident in the area. The Schengen Area is one of the greatest achievements of the European Union, and it has made travel and work much easier for millions of people.

The total tour distance is 20 729 nM, and the average leg is 768 nM.

Since the tour starts (and ends) in Luxembourg, it's up to pilots to fly their aircraft of choice to the start point, and then back to home base afterwards.

Enjoy the tour!


Initial departure: Luxembourg City (ELLX) Final destination: Luxembourg City (ELLX)
Number of flight legs: 27 Total distance: 20 729 nM
Longest leg: 1 158 nM Shortest leg: 461 nM
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Leg Departure Arrival Distance (nM)
01 Luxembourg: Luxembourg City (ELLX) Hungary: Budapest (LHBP) 535
02 Hungary: Budapest (LHBP) Finland: Helsinki (EFHK) 799
03 Finland: Helsinki (EFHK) Belgium: Brussels (EBBR) 889
04 Belgium: Brussels (EBBR) Austria: Vienna (LOWW) 499
05 Austria: Vienna (LOWW) France: Paris (LFPG) 559
06 France: Paris (LFPG) Lithuania: Vilnius (EYVI) 904
07 Lithuania: Vilnius (EYVI) Czech Republic: Prague (LKPR) 486
08 Czech Republic: Prague (LKPR) Greece: Athens (LGAV) 840
09 Greece: Athens (LGAV) Slovenia: Ljubljana (LJLJ) 652
10 Slovenia: Ljubljana (LJLJ) Latvia: Riga (EVRA) 732
11 Latvia: Riga (EVRA) Croatia: Zagreb (LDZA) 733
12 Croatia: Zagreb (LDZA) Estonia Tallinn (EETN) 879
13 Estonia Tallinn (EETN) Netherlands: Amsterdam (EHAM) 795
14 Netherlands: Amsterdam (EHAM) Slovakia: Bratislava (LZIB) 538
15 Slovakia: Bratislava (LZIB) Malta: Valletta (LMML) 749
16 Malta: Valletta (LMML) Liechtenstein: Vaduz (LSZH) ** 745
17 Liechtenstein: Vaduz (LSZH) ** Norway: Oslo (ENGM) 770
18 Norway: Oslo (ENGM) Iceland: Reykjavik (BIKF) 962
19 Iceland: Reykjavik (BIKF) Denmark: Copenhagen (EKCH) 1158
20 Denmark: Copenhagen (EKCH) Spain: Madrid (LEMD) 1112
21 Spain: Madrid (LEMD) Germany: Berlin (EDDB) 999
22 Germany: Berlin (EDDB) Italy: Rome (LIRF) 636
23 Italy: Rome (LIRF) Portugal: Lisbon (LPPT) 993
24 Portugal: Lisbon (LPPT) Switzerland: Bern (LSZB) 877
25 Switzerland: Bern (LSZB) Sweden: Stockholm (ESSA) 849
26 Sweden: Stockholm (ESSA) Poland: Warsaw (EPWA) 461
27 Poland: Warsaw (EPWA) Luxembourg: Luxembourg City (ELLX) 578

** Since Liechtenstein (Vaduz) does not have an airport, the closest airport located in Zurich (LSZH) is used for this leg.

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

EU Schengen Tour Outline

... Use any available long- or medium haul aircraft which you're comfortable with.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speed (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, in the correct sequence.

... You must fly your aircraft of choice to the departure airport at Luxembourg City, and back to home base when you've completed the tour.

... Remember to log all your flights in NewSky.

... When you're done with all 27 tour legs, please contact our Events Manager, so that we can publish your award on our website.
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