All African Airways Ranks

All African Airways Pilot Ranks

Since our current Virtual Airline platform has not yet introduced a pilot ranking system, we're implementing the following structure until further notice.

Please note the following:

  • ... NewSky will probably introduce their own ranking struture in due course, but for now, we're implementing these ranks within our airline.
  • ... Previous hours flown on FS-Airlines do not count, we're basically resetting everything, as well as all hours previously accumulated.
  • ... Pilot hours will count from the time that All African Airways migrated to NewSky.
  • ... Hours flown for the NewSky Academy (or other NewSky VA's) will be taken into account.
  • ... These ranks are unique to All African Airways, they do not attempt to mirror any real-life airline or any other aviation institution.
  • ... Updating pilot profiles is currently a manual process, pilots must please inform our staff when they're eligible for an updated rank.
  • ... This ranking structure is subject to be changed at any time.

Badge Rank Hours
Student Pilot Badge Student Pilot 0 - 9
Second Flight Officer Badge Second Flight Officer 10 - 49
First Flight Officer Badge First Flight Officer 50 - 99
Captain Badge Captain 100 - 149
Flight Captain Badge Flight Captain 150 - 199
Senior Captain Badge Senior Captain 200 - 299
Commercial Captain Badge Commercial Captain 300 - 399
Commercial Flight Captain Badge Commercial Flight Captain 400 - 499
Senior Commercial Captain Badge Senior Commercial Captain 500 - 999
Airline Transport Badge Airline Transport Pilot 1000 - 1999
Senior Airline Transport Pilot Badge Senior Airline Transport Pilot 2000 +