All African Airways Group Flights

Welcome to All African Airways Group Flights

At All African Airways, we encourage pilot participation on many different levels. One of which, is with our regular Group Flights, where we may all enjoy and share our passion for our flight simulation hobby, together with our fellow virtual aviation enthusiasts.

We therefore have a standing invitation for all pilots to participate in our VA Group Flights, which will (until further notice) be conducted every Sunday-evening, at 17h00Z (19h00 Local SA time).

The details about a specific Group flight event will be agreed to and communicated via Discord, during the preceding week.

Although Group Flight participation will always be voluntary, we do encourage all our members to join us (Online and via Discord) at the time.

And remember that, once you've participated in 5 Group Flights, you'll be awarded with our 5 Group Flight award, which will be proudly visible on your pilot profile. (Just please let us know once your eligible for this merit badge.)

How to participate in an All African Airways Group flight

The following guidelines may be useful for new Group flight pilots to get started:

  • ... Connect to our Discord voice channel a few minutes before the event start time, in order to esure that your microphone and speakers are working.
  • ... Start up your Flight simulator, while ensuring that you are connected to an Online Server.
  • ... Load and prepare your aircraft of choice in a suitable parking area.
  • ... Configure your time and weather parameters, just the way that you always do.
  • ... Book your flight in NewSky and prepare your flight plan.
  • ... When ready for departure, Start the flight in NewSky and proceed as you always do.
  • ... After arrival at your destination, taxi to a parking area and close the NewSky flight.
  • ... Proceed with the next flight (if applicable).

Click here to join us on Discord.

We're looking forward to meeting up with you on our next Group Flight event!