All African Airways Flight Club

Welcome to the All African Airways Flight Club

At All African Airways, we try and accommodate all our pilots flight simulation needs. Whilst we're primarily a Business which must make a profit, we also cater for General Aviation (GA) enthusiasts, where our pilots may engage in good old fun flying.

How does this work?

Any All African Airways pilot with a rank higher than Student pilot, may (via Discord) submit a request to our Fleet Manager for a General Aviation aircraft to be leased specifically for him/her.

The Fleet Manager will review the request, and if approved, lease the aircraft on behalf of the pilot.

The pilot may now use this aircraft (while the lease is being paid for by All African Airways).

Terms and Conditions

Only aircraft which are available in the NewSky aircraft database, may be leased.

Pilots with ranks of Second Flight Officer and First Flight Officer, may lease one aircraft at a time.

Pilots with ranks of Captain and higher, may lease two aircraft at a time.

Leased aircraft must be used for at least one flight per month. When a leased aircraft is not used, the lease may be cancelled by the Fleet Manager without any prior notification. When a lease has been terminated due to not being used, the pilot may not apply for another aircraft to be leased for a period of at least three months.

What may privately leased aircraft be used for?

Since only General Aviation (low and slow) aircraft may be leased, these aircraft may be used at the discresion of the pilot for suitable General Aviation flights.

Pilots are encouraged to participate in Group flights and Fly-in's, which may be arranged by All African Airways, from time to time.

Should another pilot wish to use your privately leased aircraft, feel free to make arrangements between each other.

How to apply for a GA aircraft to be leased on your behalf

Reach out to our Fleet Manager (via Discord) and provide the following information:

  • What specific aircraft you'd like to be leased for you (refer to the list below)
  • Your preferred, personalised aircraft name or registration
  • The name of the airport where your aircraft must be delivered to (note that this must be an airport which is used for All African scheduled flights)
  • A short motivation of how you intend to use your privately leased aircraft
  • A notice of agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions for a privately leased aircraft

List of NewSky GA Aircraft which may be leased

The following General Aviation aircraft are available in NewSky, and may therefore be leased. Note that this list may be updated from time to time, without any prior notification.

GA Aircraft List 1 GA Aircraft List 2