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Welcome to the All African Airways 'Australian' tour

Australian Tour Badge

Welcome to the land of the Cangaroo! Pilots are invited to visit the vast Australia, by flying the following flight legs with a suitable aircraft, on which they're rated.


Initial departure: Sydney (YSSY) Final destination: Sydney (YSSY)
Number of flight legs: 8 Total distance: 6124 nM
Longest leg: 1142 nM Shortest leg: 346 nM


Leg Departure Arrival Distance
01 Sydney (YSSY) Melbourne (YMML) 381
02 Melbourne (YMML) Adelaide (YPAD) 346
03 Adelaide (YPAD) Perth (YPPH) 1142
04 Perth (YPPH) Curtin (YCIN) 962
05 Curtin (YCIN) Darwin (YPDN) 513
06 Darwin (YPDN) Cairns (YBCS) 904
07 Cairns (YBCS) Alice Springs (YBAS) 785
08 Alice Springs (YBAS) Sydney (YSSY) 1091

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

Australia Tour Outline

... You must use an aircraft on which you're rated, and the same aircraft must be used for the whole tour.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speeds (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, in the correct sequence.

... All flight legs must be logged by means of our Virtual Airline flight tracking system.

... Once you've started the tour, you must complete it, you're therefore not permitted to do any other flights while you're busy with this tour.

When you've completed the tour, please submit our Tour Tracking Sheet to your hub manager for evaluation.

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