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Welcome to the All African Airways '50 State Capitals' tour

50 State Capitals Tour Badge

Pilots are invited to visit all 50 USA State Capitals, by flying the following flight legs with a suitable aircraft, on which they're rated.


Initial departure: Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) Final destination: Jefferson City, Missouri (KJEF)
Number of flight legs: 49 Total distance: 15 645 nM
Longest leg: 2443 nM Shortest leg: 43 nM


Leg Departure Arrival Distance
01 Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL) 2443
02 Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL) Olympia, Washington (KOLM) 2290
03 Olympia, Washington (KOLM) Salem, Oregon (KSLE) 124
04 Salem, Oregon (KSLE) Sacramento, California (KSMF) 378
05 Sacramento, California (KSMF) Carson City, Nevada (KCXP) 92
06 Carson City, Nevada (KCXP) Boise, Idaho (KBOI) 306
07 Boise, Idaho (KBOI) Salt Lake City, Utah (KSLC) 252
08 Salt Lake City, Utah (KSLC) Phoenix, Arizona (KPHX) 441
09 Phoenix, Arizona (KPHX) Santa Fe, New Mexico (KSAF) 321
10 Santa Fe, New Mexico (KSAF) Denver, Colorado (KDEN) 264
11 Denver, Colorado (KDEN) Cheyenne, Wyoming (KCYS) 78
12 Cheyenne, Wyoming (KCYS) Helena, Montana (KHLN) 451
13 Helena, Montana (KHLN) Bismarck, North Dakota (KBIS) 462
14 Bismarck, North Dakota (KBIS) Pierre, South Dakota (KPIR) 145
15 Pierre, South Dakota (KPIR) Lincoln, Nebraska (KLNK) 263
16 Lincoln, Nebraska (KLNK) Topeka, Kansas (KFOE) 125
17 Topeka, Kansas (KFOE) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (KOKC) 233
18 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (KOKC) Austin, Texas (KAUS) 312
19 Austin, Texas (KAUS) Baton Rouge, Louisiana (KBTR) 338
20 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (KBTR) Little Rock, Arkansas (KLIT) 258
21 Little Rock, Arkansas (KLIT) Des Moines, Iowa (KDSM) 414
22 Des Moines, Iowa (KDSM) St. Paul, Minesota (KMSP) 202
23 St. Paul, Minesota (KMSP) Madison, Wisconsin (KMSN) 198
24 Madison, Wisconsin (KMSN) Springfield, Ilinois (KSPI) 198
25 Springfield, Ilinois (KSPI) Jackson, Mississippi (KJAN) 453
26 Jackson, Mississippi (KJAN) Montgomery, Alabama (KMGM) 187
27 Montgomery, Alabama (KMGM) Nashville, Tenessee (KBNA) 230
28 Nashville, Tenessee (KBNA) Frankfort, Kentucky (KFFT) 150
29 Frankfort, Kentucky (KFFT) Indianapolis, Indiana (KIND) 113
30 Indianapolis, Indiana (KIND) Lansing, Michigan (KLAN) 199
31 Lansing, Michigan (KLAN) Columbus, Ohio (KCMH) 184
32 Columbus, Ohio (KCMH) Charleston, West Virginia (KCRW) 115
33 Charleston, West Virginia (KCRW) Atlanta, Georgia (KATL) 316
34 Atlanta, Georgia (KATL) Tallahassee, Florida (KTLH) 195
35 Tallahassee, Florida (KTLH) Columbia, South Carolina (KCAE) 269
36 Columbia, South Carolina (KCAE) Raleigh, NC North Carolina (KRDU) 163
37 Raleigh, NC North Carolina (KRDU) Annapolis, Maryland (KANP) 212
38 Annapolis, Maryland (KANP) Dover, Delaware (KDOV) 53
39 Dover, Delaware (KDOV) Trenton, New Jersey (KTTN) 75
40 Trenton, New Jersey (KTTN) Richmond, Virginia (KRIC) 203
41 Richmond, Virginia (KRIC) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (KMDT) 163
42 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (KMDT) Hartford, Connecticut (KBDL) 212
43 Hartford, Connecticut (KBDL) Providence, Rhode Island (KPVD) 58
44 Providence, Rhode Island (KPVD) Boston, Massachussetts (KBOS) 43
45 Boston, Massachussetts (KBOS) Albany, New York (KALB) 126
46 Albany, New York (KALB) Montpelier, Vermont (KMPV) 103
47 Montpelier, Vermont (KMPV) Concord, New Hampshire (KCON) 76
48 Concord, New Hampshire (KCON) Augusta, Maime (KAUG) 100
49 Augusta, Maime (KAUG) Jefferson City, Missouri (KJEF) 1059

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

50 State Capitals Tour Outline

... You must use an aircraft on which you're rated, and the same aircraft must be used for the whole tour.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speeds (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, in the correct sequence.

... All flight legs must be logged by means of our Virtual Airline flight tracking system.

... Once you've started the tour, you must complete it, you're therefore not permitted to do any other flights while you're busy with this tour.

When you've completed the tour, please submit our Tour Tracking Sheet to your hub manager for evaluation.

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