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Welcome to the All African Airways 'South Africa Coastal' tour

Coastal Tour Badge

Pilots are invited to complete the All African Airways 'SA Coastal Tour' tour. You must complete the following 7 Southern Africa flight legs with any suitable aircraft, on which you're rated.

When starting this tour, please pay attention to the tour criteria in NewSky with regards to the aircraft, leg sequences, etc.


Initial departure: Johannesburg (FAOR) Final destination: Johannesburg (FAOR)
Number of flight legs: 7 Total distance: 1693 nM
Longest leg: 491 nM Shortest leg: 124 nM
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Leg Departure Arrival Distance (nM)
01 Johannesburg (FAOR) Durban (FALE) 258
02 Durban (FALE) East London (FAEL) 266
03 East London (FAEL) Port Elizabeth (FAPE) 124
04 Port Elizabeth (FAPE) George (FAGG) 161
05 George (FAGG) Cape Town (FACT) 188
06 Cape Town (FACT) Bloemfontein (FABL) 491
07 Bloemfontein (FABL) Johannesburg (FAOR) 205

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

SA Coastal Tour Outline

... You may use different aircraft for respective leg pairs (from FAOR to a destination and then back to FAOR).

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speeds (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, you do not have to fly them in the correct sequence.

... All flight legs must be initiated from within the Awards section in NewSky.

... When you've completed the tour, please let our Events Manager know, so that we can update your profile.

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