All African Airways SA and Namibia Low and Slow VFR Tour

All African Airways 'SA and Namibia Low and Slow' VFR tour

SA and Namibia Low and Slow VFR Tour Badge

General Aviation- and Student Pilots are invited to embark on our South Africa and Namibia VFR tour, by completing the following 28 flight legs consecutively, with one of our available GA training aircraft, based at our Lanseria Flight School (FALA).

The tour will take you via a few airports in Zimbabwe, through the Caprivi-strip, and then to some of the lesser-known airfields in Namibia. From there, you'll route back to the final destination, back at Lanseria.

The tour consists of 29 flight legs, and the total tour distance is 3207 nM. The shortest leg is just 15 nM, while the longest leg is 347 nM. The average flight leg is 115 nM. It's definitely not intended to be a money-maker, so take your time, and enjoy the experience!


Initial departure: Lanseria (FALA) Final destination: Lanseria (FALA)
Number of flight legs: 28 Total distance: 3207 nM
Longest leg: 347 nM Shortest leg: 15 nM
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Leg Departure Arrival Distance (nM)
01 Lanseria (FALA) Witbank (FAWI) 69
02 Witbank (FAWI) Kruger Mpumalanga (FAKN) 107
03 Kruger Mpumalanga (FAKN) Hoedspruit (FAHS) 61
04 Hoedspruit (FAHS) Phalaborwa (FAPH) 27
05 Phalaborwa (FAPH) Buffalo Range (FVCZ) 177
06 Buffalo Range (FVCZ) Masvingo (FVMV) 70
07 Masvingo (FVMV) Charles Prince (FVCP) 138
08 Charles Prince (FVCP) Kariba (FVKB) 138
09 Kariba (FVKB) Victoria Falls (FVFA) 199
10 Victoria Falls (FVFA) Kasane (FBKE) 42
11 Kasane (FBKE) Katima Mulilo (FYKM) 58
12 Katima Mulilo (FYKM) Maun (FBMN) 147
13 Maun (FBMN) Shakawe (FBSW) 132
14 Shakawe (FBSW) Rundu (FYRU) 123
15 Rundu (FYRU) Eenhana (FYEN) 196
16 Eenhana (FYEN) Ondangwa (FYOA) 32
17 Ondangwa (FYOA) Oshakati (FYOS) 15
18 Oshakati (FYOS) Ruacana (FYRC) 79
19 Ruacana (FYRC) Eros (FYWE) 347
20 Eros (FYWE) Mariental (FYML) 128
21 Mariental (FYML) Keetmanshoop (FYKT) 117
22 Keetmanshoop (FYKT) Alexander Bay (FAAB) 148
23 Alexander Bay (FAAB) Aggeneys (FAAG) 127
24 Aggeneys (FAAG) Upington (FAUP) 139
25 Upington (FAUP) Sishen (FASS) 103
26 Sishen (FASS) Vryburg (FAVB) 101
27 Vryburg (FAVB) Lichtenburg (FALI) 92
28 Lichtenburg (FALI) Lanseria (FALA) 95

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

SA and Namibia Low and Slow Tour Outline

... You may only use one of our Lanseria (FALA) based flight school aircraft for this tour.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speed (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all 28 legs as indicated above, in sequencial order.

... Log all flight legs with our Virtual Airline flight tracking system (NewSky).

... When you're done, please let our Events Manager know, so that we can add your badge to your pilot profile.

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