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At All African Airways, we're in awe when we consider the sheer size of our beautiful African continent, and Pilots are invited to come to grips with this, by completing the All African Airways 'All Around Africa' tour, where they'll have the opportunity to circumnavigate the whole African coastline.


Initial departure: Johannesburg (FAOR) Final destination: Johannesburg (FAOR)
Number of flight legs: 31 Total distance: 14 629 nM
Longest leg: 889 nM Shortest leg: 214 nM
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Leg Departure Arrival Distance (nM)
01 Johannesburg (FAOR) Cape Town (FACT) 686
02 Cape Town (FACT) Port Elizabeth (FAPE) 349
03 Port Elizabeth (FAPE) Durban (FALE) 384
04 Durban (FALE) Maputo (FQMA) 235
05 Maputo (FQMA) Beira (FQBR) 390
06 Beira (FQBR) Nacala (FQNC) 461
07 Nacala (FQNC) Dar-Es-Salaam (HTDA) 465
08 Dar-Es-Salaam (HTDA) Mogadishu (HCMM) 647
09 Mogadishu (HCMM) Moori (OYSQ) 817
10 Moori (OYSQ) Ambouli (HDAM) 634
11 Ambouli (HDAM) Port Sudan (HSPN) 584
12 Port Sudan (HSPN) Marsa Alam (HEMA) 296
13 Marsa Alam (HEMA) Cairo (HECA) 322
14 Cairo (HECA) Benina (HLLB) 584
15 Benina (HLLB) Mitiga (HLLM) 357
16 Mitiga (HLLM) Carthage (DTTA) 281
17 Carthage (DTTA) Houari Boumediene (DAAG) 337
18 Houari Boumediene (DAAG) Ibn Batouta (GMTT) 446
19 Ibn Batouta (GMTT) Dakhla (GMMH) 889
20 Dakhla (GMMH) Leopold Sedar (GOOY) 546
21 Leopold Sedar (GOOY) Gbessia (GUCY) 385
22 Gbessia (GUCY) Abidjan (DIAP) 632
23 Abidjan (DIAP) Kotoka (DGAA) 226
24 Kotoka (DGAA) Murtala Muhammed (DNMM) 216
25 Murtala Muhammed (DNMM) Douala (FKKD) 412
26 Douala (FKKD) Leon M'Ba (FOOL) 214
27 Leon M'Ba (FOOL) Luanda (FNLU) 604
28 Luanda (FNLU) Lubango (FNUB) 365
29 Lubango (FNUB) Walvis Bay (FYWB) 487
30 Walvis Bay (FYWB) Cape Town (FACT) 692
31 Cape Town (FACT) Johannesburg (FAOR) 686

Success criteria

For successful completion of this tour, and to be awarded with a tour badge for your pilot profile, you must adhere to the following criteria:

Around Africa Tour Outline

... Use any All African Airways aircraft which you're familiar with.

... Complete all tour legs with normal simulator speed (accellerated flights are not allowed).

... Fly all legs as indicated above, in the correct sequence.

... Log all flight legs with our Virtual Airline flight tracking system (NewSky).

... When you're done, please let our Events Manager know, so that we can update your pilot profile.

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