All African Airways Accidents and Incidents

All African Airways Accidents and Incidents

The following accidents and incidents were reported by All African Airways pilots:

Date and time: 03 Jan 2023, 12:55 Aircraft: Airbus A310 (TU-USS) Weather conditions: Clear skies
Planned departure: Abidjan (DIAP) Planned arrival: Johannesburg (FAOR) Flight number: FK09
Souls on board: 219 Casualties: 4 minor, no fatalities Incident type: Hard landing
Incident description: The pilot in command of the aircraft, a Commercial Flight Captain, who was rated on the aircraft, touched down at Oliver Tambo International airport (FAOR) with an excessive vertical speed of -740 fpm, after an ILS approach to runway 03L. He then exited the runway and proceeded to the gate, where the aircraft was left for inspection. 4 Passengers reported minor discomfort and stress as a result of this incident.
Final report: The pilot failed to ensure that his approach was stable prior to touch-down. He reported moderate to excessive cross-wind conditions, which led to the incident. The aircraft was booked for maintenance and since no structural damage was found, it was released back into service the next day.
Recommendations: Pilots must confirm a stable approach prior to landing, and in the event that the approch becomes unstable, rather execute a missed approach. A newspaper/press release article must be composed to discourage passengers booing their captain upon exiting the aircraft, and referring to him/her as 'Captain Crash".

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