All African Airways Press Release

All African Airways merge with Air Afrique

Press Release AA-PR-001, Issued on 8 Nov 2023

All African Airways is happy to announce the merge with another Virtual Airlines, Air Afrique.

This merge will go a long way to a sustainable and profitable Virtual Business for All African Airways, and with the colaboration and participation of their highly skilled and proficiant pilots, we're confident that All African Airways will soar to new heights.

Air Afrique operated as a professional and safe Virtual Airline on the NewSky platform for some time, and with them joining forces with All African, we're now well positioned to increase our international and domestic footprint for both passenger- and cargo flights significantly.

The All African Airways management team wishes to thank the pilots and staff of the former Air Afrique Virtual Airline for their willingness to join forces with us, and we thank them for the value that they'll be adding to our operations.

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