1:Staying ACTIVE
All African Requires that pilots to be on the roster list fly at least one flight each month to remain active.

If you are sound and Able, with basic flight skills in flight simulation and wants to take a ride, please be welcome among us.

Flight Schedules
All African airways operates scheduled flight. All fights must be flown in two legs. Please do not abandon the plane in a foreign land!
As, the airline grows its operations, new destination will be added. Changes to schedules can change without any notice

Online Flying
We encourage pilots to fly whenever possible online in the IVAO network..
The management will not take any responsibility for the behavior of its pilots, though, we encourage pilots to act as responsible persons.
The pilots should check at all times ATC coverage and contact the station controler first.
Any banning or suspension from IVAO network will trigger banning from the company.

Pilots up to Flight officer level 3 flies short to medium hauls.

Long hauls will be flown by Senior flight officer level 3 and UP.

All Ranks are based on IVAO flight hours. Please connect to IVAO and find out more.
- The planes that can be flown are as below.
- Flight officer : Flies up to CRJ and AVRO and Propeler Aircraft
- Flight officer-2 Flies up to CRJ AVRO, Propeler aircraft
- Flight officer-3 Flies up to A318/A319/B737-600
- Senior Flight officer- Flies up to A319/B737-600/800
- Senior Flight officer-2 Flies up to A320/B737-800
- Senior Flight officer-3 Flies up to A330/B757
- Captain- CP. Flies up to A330/B777
- ATP- AT Flies up to A340/B747/B777/787
- Flight Instructor- FI. Flies up to A340/B747/B787

7: Hubs Management
Pilots Hubs are not definitive, any pilots can change Hubs during the course of his virtual career, just send a notification to the management who will assist you in processing your transfer

8: Training
We request our pilots to take online IVAO courses to improve their skills and gain more aeronatical knowledge.

Aircrafts flown

All African operates a versatile fleet of modern jet aircrafts. All flights flown shoudl respect ranks and aircrafts types.
Any scheduled flights flown with a different Category of aircraft will not be accepted.
Anyone willing to be part of the staff must be ready to observe the guidelines as below, unless they are promoted or relieved.
way to behave themselves

Our brand and name

Our Airline name is All African Airways. the wings of a continent. Its aim is to welcome all pilots.
The Airline logo is the Secretary bird, a bird that is home to western africa and austral and sourthern Africa. High on her legs she is a tough competitor.
Our motto: The Continents wings is what makes us apart from others organization, flying the colors of Africa everywhere and show the African spirit.
Our Radio Callsign is Secbird.
All our flights are flown with our ICA code RFK.
Our Colorsrs are: Green for the lush rainforest, Gold for the treasure and sun that fuel our continent.