Why we need to connect to a network?
To increase realism as a core value, All African flights are exclusively flown on the IVAO Network. IVAO provides oustanding services that are based on real life operations. AS flying online is not mandatory, we will prefer pilots to join IVAO if not already done to project the airline name over the network and be completly immersed onesefl in the busy life of an airport operations. want to know more?, check the IVAO Website.
You do not need the paid version of FSUIPC. Press "Cancel" during installation when prompted for a registration if you do not have one.
Also make sure that if you run FSX as administrator, run VNPC as administrator too - and vice versa.

Advantage on flying online
If you think flying alone, in your corner does not make sense, then the following lines are for you, flying online can be interesting, challenging, handling of english language is more than mandatory
- All african airways flights should be done online, where possible..
- the flights you do for the company are already accessed and checked. no need to send a Pireps, IVAO system does it for us.
- Flying online, allow the company to verify your handling of aircrafts you fly, and management of basic pilot skills.
We encourage pilots to take IVAO exams and be at least FS3 level.
- Allow the company to have a face over the network and participate in events to increase
pilots online experience.
- All of our events have to be flown online.
- Spend a good time, while connected to the network. We also ask our pilots to read IVAO RULES AND REGULATIONS.